IsaLean® Shake

Maximum nutrition. No empty calories. A superfood meal-in-a-scoop that’s full of essential nutrients and actually tastes good. Some things really are good enough to be true.

  • Eat clean. Why put up with artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners?
  • Better dairy. Undenatured whey protein from happy, hormone-free, pasture-raised cows.
  • Lookin’ lean. 24 grams of protein to help boost metabolism and build lean muscle.
  • Convenient and complete. IsaLean Shake is a quick meal that can help you feel fuller, longer.
  • Good vibes. Active enzymes for optimal digestion.
  • All-Day Energy
    No empty calories, no empty promises. IsaLean Shake is packed with the perfect balance of nutrients for long-lasting energy. Plus branched-chain amino acids for optimal lean muscle.
    Sustainable Results
    Changes that last. Maintain long-term weight loss and build lean muscle. This is not the healthy lifestyle you try, this is the healthy lifestyle you keep.
    Flavor That Nourishes
    Feeling good should taste good. These decadent flavors taste indulgent without derailing your progress. Who knew better health could be so satisfying? We did.
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What’s Inside

All this goodness in a single scoop? Pretty incredible.

Plenty of Protein
24 grams! Psst: Our protein is ethically sourced from dairy farms committed to high quality and sustainability.
Branched-Chain Amino Acids
Wait, what are those? Branched-chain amino acids refer to leucine, isoleucine, and valine — amino acids your body needs but can’t make on its own. These superior amino acids help build lean muscle.
Fuel To Feel Full
Every IsaLean Shake is full of energy-boosting carbohydrates and good fats. Oh, and 23 vitamins and minerals. It’s kind of a big deal.
Frequently Asked

Your questions, answered

  • I’m a very active person. Should I eat more if I’m hungry?
  • Can I add fruit or other ingredients to my IsaLean Shake?
  • How many meals per day can I replace with IsaLean Shake?
  • Why is IsaLean Shake so important for the body?
  • What makes IsaLean Shake unique?

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4.8 Of 5 By 175 Users
April 18,2021
Michelle D Smith

Hands down the best meal replacement. I've tried others but none compare!

April 11,2021
Janet Labbe

Thought I would try the shakes because thinking about what to bring for lunch everyday was tiresome. Well what a surprise. The thickness and flavor holds me over for hours. I usually graze through my day. Not anymore.

April 07,2021
Alfredo Carmona Jr

The shakes are great and can already feel a difference. Looking forward to losing more weight. Thanks Isagenix

April 05,2021
Tamara frechette

I have been so please with everything with this program
They are so helpful and get right on every problem if there is one
Love isagenix

March 22,2021
Gami Penaherrera

It’s amazing to know I get complete nutrition with our shakes 👍

March 15,2021
Ashli Kelly

I love IsaLean Shakes-Chocolate, Mint Chocolate, and Vanilla favors. IsaLean Shakes have been my breakfast or lunch for the past five plus years and I actually like the taste better than the new Whole Blend/Plant Based Shakes. The flavors are yummy and I highly recommend people try them.